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HYDROTHERMA joined the CleantechAlps cluster
CleantechAlps is the platform dedicated to the development of the clean technology sector in western Switzerland.
The Swiss Venture Forum (SVF) on May 23 in Lausanne
The Swiss Venture Forum (SVF) will allow the most promising Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology entrepren…
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The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a "a global clean energy revolution – a revolution that makes energy available and affordable for all”, adding that this was essential for minimizing climate risks, reducing poverty, improving global health and meeting the Millennium Development Goals, for global economic growth, peace and security, and the health of the planet.

About us

"HYDROTHERMA - Swiss Ecological Technologies", SA - is a swiss development stage company specializing in research, development, creation and implementation of breakthrough technologies in the sphere of clean energy production, production of boehmite nanopowders & maintenance of ecological safety of industrial enterprises.

The company works on creation of the universal high-tech energy-efficient technologies based on hydrothermal oxidation processes in supercritical and undercritical conditions.



In scientific sphere we cooperate with the world's best scientific institutes in Europe. We are convinced that only based on a combination of fundamental science and cutting-edge applied research, we can build and deploy the most advanced technologies of the future to meet the needs of our clients at the highest level.

The scientific personnel of the company consist of the best experts (scientists, doctors of sciences, researchers, academicians) in the field of chemistry, physics, geology, biotechnologies, etc., accumulating experience and knowledge of leading scientific institutes of the world.

Success story:

That there is a critical temperature above which a single substance can only exist as a fluid and not as either a liquid or gas, was shown experimentally  in the early 1800's by the Frenchman Baron Charles Cagniard de la Tour. He heated substances, present as both liquid and vapour, in a sealed cannon, which he rocked back and forth and discovered that, at a certain temperature, the splashing ceased. Later he constructed a glass apparatus in which the phenomenon could be more directly observed. But the significance and practical application of his discovery have only recently been recognized and achieved. 

However, as with the development of any new process or equipment, there were numerous problems which are vital for a finally successful use and commercial exploitation and which have not been resolved by many other researchers and developers.

During years of research, our team has made stunning progress in solving these problems. As embody of our success was created & developed the unique technological process of supercritical hydrothermal oxidation, which avoided all the shortcomings of other existing SCWO technologies.

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Our mission is to develop & implement on the mass market innovative ecological technologies of nanopowders and clean energy production based on hydrothermal processes.

The guiding principle is that innovative waste treatment technologies should be absolutely safe & easily accessible to our customers.

Our aim is the global promotion of ecological technologies for production of clean energy and valuable nanomaterials to minimise ecosystem contamination and contribute to the establishment of a environmental responsible economy and society.


Our ecological technologies offer opportunities for partnering and investment from strategic local and global partners.