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The Swiss Venture Forum (SVF) on May 23 in Lausanne
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The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a "a global clean energy revolution – a revolution that makes energy available and affordable for all”, adding that this was essential for minimizing climate risks, reducing poverty, improving global health and meeting the Millennium Development Goals, for global economic growth, peace and security, and the health of the planet.

Boehmite applications

Boehmite has a huge range of applications! 

It is widely used in different industries - pharmaceuticals, production of sorbents, supplements in cosmetics, paper fillers, fire retardants (antipyrenes), refractory materials, production of ceramics, plastics, as a filler in the tire industry, water treatment, etc.


Boehmite can be used as catalyst carrier, reinforcement of ceramic composites for its high strength, corrosion resistance, chemical stableness, low thermal conductivity & good electrical insulation.

Nanoboehmite is widely used in the implementation of energy saving projects, such as growth of sapphire substrates for LEDs and solar cells,  high octane gasoline production, etc

Boehmite can also be converted into nanostructured aluminum oxides powder, which is very broad in scope:

  • Production of technical ceramics, refractories, paints, pigments;
  • Abrasive and building materials;
  • Engineering of new materials (mechanochemistry);
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetology
Applications of nanocrystalline Boehmite powders:
  • Building Industry (production of concrete, flame retardants, paints and decorative materials);
  • Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy (production of metal products, abrasives and grinding pastes);
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry (catalysts and supports, sorbents for the extraction of valuable metals from waste water of industrial enterprises, proppants/screen-outs)
  • Synthetic monocrystals production;
  • Production of the fillers from plastics, paper and composite materials
  • Toothpastes production; etc.

The economic efficiency of nanocrystalline boehmite use:

Anti-corrosion coatings:

  • Significant  reduction of corrosion losses of the metal - in 2-8 times;
  • Reduction of wear sleeve bush roller chains in 2 times;
  • The introduction of nanocrystalline boehmite in the compositions can provide savings of up to 10000 euro/per ton.

Lubricating Oils:

  • Reduction of wear rate of friction surfaces by 35%;
  • Reduction of the friction coefficient from 1.5 up to 2 times;
  • Provides savings of up to thousands of euro/per machine (tractor, combine, etc.).


  • Increasing of the intensity of attrition by 1,5 times;
  • Reduction of surface roughness up to 100 nm.;
  • Provides savings of up to 10000 of euro/per ton of material.

Ceramic materials:

  • Reduction of firing temperature about 100-150 º C;
  • Increasing of the strength from 1.4 up to 3 times;
  • Increasing of the crack resistance (fracture toughness) by 25%;
  • Provides savings of more than 10000 of euro/per ton of ceramics.