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HYDROTHERMA joined the CleantechAlps cluster
CleantechAlps is the platform dedicated to the development of the clean technology sector in western Switzerland.
The Swiss Venture Forum (SVF) on May 23 in Lausanne
The Swiss Venture Forum (SVF) will allow the most promising Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology entrepren…
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The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a "a global clean energy revolution – a revolution that makes energy available and affordable for all”, adding that this was essential for minimizing climate risks, reducing poverty, improving global health and meeting the Millennium Development Goals, for global economic growth, peace and security, and the health of the planet.

For investors

"HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies", SA - is a development stage Swiss company, specializing in research, development, creation and implementation of breakthrough technologies in the sphere of valuable nanopowders production (aluminum hydroxides and oxides) and clean energy production (heat and hydrogen).

We have brains, the unique innovative technology, a huge commitment and focus on success and the best result. To achieve quickly the overwhelming success we need funding and strategic partners with experience, knowledge and contacts in the field of investment management, technology implementation and marketing promotion in Switzerland and Europe.


Helping to implement on the global market the innovative SCHTO technology is essentially important. The uniqueness of our innovative SCHTO technology is that one developed technological process can be used for safe, energy-efficient and environmentally-safe production of aluminum nanopowders (boehmite, aluminum hydroxides and oxides) and clean-energy production on an industrial scale. 

We made our analysis of the global cleantech market, and the result unambiguously confirms the superiority of our multiple technologies over others existing for all the technological parameters.

Our priority tasks include:

  • building the SCHTO pilot-plant for better improvement of all the qualities and advantages of our technology by honorable experts opinions;
  • the development, promotion and implementation on the Swiss market (and later - at the European and world market) our unique innovative technology for safe, energy efficient and environmentally-clean boehmite production;
  • establishment of effective cooperation with the municipal and federal authorities in the framework of environmental and energy programs.

In addition, to developing a market strategy we are preparing to establish effective cooperation with the authorities in the EU and the United Nations on the development and implementation of our technology in the field of nanopowders production, as well as the production of pure hydrogen and heat energy in the framework of international environmental and energy programs.

We are sure, that global market implementation of SCHTO technology - is an important and necessary step in the way to minimise ecosystem contamination and contribute to the establishment of a environmental responsible economy and society. So let's join our efforts for the better future.

If you are ready to become our partner - we are happy to share with you the success of our project!

We are always available to discuss different terms of our cooperation and welcome different types of partners: business-angels, corporate or private investors, venture capitals and others.