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HYDROTHERMA joined the CleantechAlps cluster
CleantechAlps is the platform dedicated to the development of the clean technology sector in western Switzerland.
The Swiss Venture Forum (SVF) on May 23 in Lausanne
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The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a "a global clean energy revolution – a revolution that makes energy available and affordable for all”, adding that this was essential for minimizing climate risks, reducing poverty, improving global health and meeting the Millennium Development Goals, for global economic growth, peace and security, and the health of the planet.

Industrial solutions


Reduction of ecological and energy costs through implementation of innovative energy-effective clean technologies into the business circle is crucially important to any business. We made the analysis of main nanopowders market streams and developed the best cleantchl solutions for our customers:

SCHTO Energotechnological Complex

For industrial and commercial users "HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies" provides the unique SCHTO technological complex SCHTO boehmite, hydrogen and clean energy production.

Boehmite - is a nanopowder made through the reaction  of supercritical hydrothermal oxidation of aluminum powder. It is a relatively new material traditionally used in a wide range of applications: production of water filters, binder for catalysis, refractory materials, sol-gel ceramics, rheology control, surface frictionising and paint detackification. Other uses for boehmite nanopowders include surface coating as well as polymer additives.

Our developed SCHTO installations based on the process of supercritical hydrothermal oxidation of aluminum powder, are capable to produce on an industrial scale fully crystallized, nanocrystalline aluminum hydroxide (BOEHMITE) of high chemical purity and dispersibility, and hydrogen, which quality meets high EU standards.

The basic idea is to use aluminum as a raw material for production of nanocrystalline aluminum hydroxide, and an intermediate energy source for hydrogen and energy production during the hydrothermal oxidation of aluminum.


  • Mobility and accessibility;

  • Environmentally clean;

  • Energy independence;

  • Universality ;

  • Multifunctionality. The possibility of functional capacity;

  • Ability to produce boehmite of different quality depending on the customer's needs;

  • Possibility to work in different climatic conditions;

  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness.